2012Youth Cultural Camp

Experience Chinese with YCEA in Taiwan!

For Students Age 10-17

Program Dates:

First Session - July 1st 2013 to July 27th 2013

Second Session - July 15th 2013 to Aug 10th 2013

*please contact us if you are interested in the cultural exchange but do not meet the age requirement.

**Classes are offered in Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese**

Information: [Student Package] [Application Form1] [Application Form2] [Q&A]

Experience Chinese in Taiwan with YCEA
YCEA works closely with Penta in creating cultural exchange programs. Penta is a leader in providing quality summer programs to international students. The Youth Cultural Camps teach you to speak Chinese in the same way you learned your native language - through listening, speaking and doing. In our Youth Cultural Camp, you will have the opportunity to explore Chinese in class and learn the language skills in a variety of activities with local students.

Program Cost
US$2,700/per student, includes:

Program Highlights

In the Youth Cultural Camp, all courses and activities are designed by experienced teachers to ensure that every student has a successful learning experience and a memorable summer. All of our teachers are TCSOL (Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) certified and have teaching experiences.

  1. 24 Chinese lessons per session (Chinese Course Completion Certificate provided upon completion)
  2. Sports and cultural activities
  3. 3 full day excursions
  4. Visits to local attractions
  5. Be an assistant counselor and interact with junior campers (Community Service Certificate provided)


Week 1 & 2: Chang Gung University

Chang Gung University currently consists of the College of Medicine, College of Engineering, and College of Management. Our University has approximately 490 full-time and 340 part-time faculty members, and has more than 6,100 students enrolled. We have been striving for excellence in both instruction and research area since the establishment of our institution. In taking advantage of Formosa Plastics Group's abundant manufacturing and medical service resources, Chang Gung University aims to be a first-rate internationally renowned university that prepares high standard professional talents in the fields of medical science, high technology, and knowledge management

Week 3: Crystal Resort

Crystal Resort is located in Sun Moon Lake. It is surrounded by nature environment; the main building material for the resort is Cypress wood. The resort has outdoor Karaoke, BBQ area, Mushroom farm, bicycle, nature walk path, badminton court, outdoor bar, SPA, pool, business center and meeting room.

Week 4: Peikuan Resort

Peikuan Resort is 1 km away for the Coast Highway in Ilan. The resort is surrounded by nature scenery. The resort also have the word first Crab Museum, there are more than 700 specimens of Crab in the museum.


- 4 students per room with A/C

- 24 Hour Management,

- Best daily care service. Student to Counselor ratio is 4:1 and 7.5 student will have a group leader.

- Younger student’s room will be accompanied by a counselor

Chinese Lessons
The Youth Cultural Camp teachers are qualified and experienced (TCSOL [Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages] certified and have teaching experiences). Our class sizes are small to increase student-teacher interaction and group momentum. The average student number in a class is 15. Students will need to take a placement test at the beginning of the program to determine which class they should be in.

Activities and Excursions


Cornell nature experience - Listening to Nature: Adopting Famous nature educationist Joseph Cornell’s, method of nature experience. Students can touch and interact with nature with games and activities.

Treasure hunt- Students can work together and solve all the problems with their group mate. The team that find the treasure first will receives a prize

Fun! Bamboo Fun! - There are many functions for Bamboo. Let instructor to teach you fun fact about bamboo and how to make interesting toys with it.

Rock Claiming and Kayaking – Students will learn from the professional instructors and challenge their limit.

Traditional Puppeteer Culture- Traditional Puppeteer is a very important part of Chinese culture. Student will receive a Puppet and create their unique puppet to bring home.

Hak-ka Artwork - Student will experience Hak-Ka traditional artwork by making it themselves.

Making Holiday Food - Students will make traditional Taiwanese holiday food and taste their own creation.

Visit house of Assam - Sun Moon Lake is famous for Assam tea, since Sun Moon Lake is the only place in Taiwan that grows this particular tea. Professional tea maker will teach students how to make Assam tea.

Guishan Sunrise – Students will hike to the top of the mountain in the early morning and enjoy the sunrise.

Hello Mr. Crab – Visit the largest Crab museum in the Asia and learn about Crab with professional guide.

Tour Spot

Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

On the endless list of all of Tamsui tourist attractions, “Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf” can be said to be the most representative of it all. Located on the right bank of where the Tamsui River meets the sea, Fisherman’s Wharf offers abundant resources and a magnificent view of DatunMountains and Tamsui River.

No other spot is more greatly visited and admired than the reputed “Lover’s Bridge” that crosses the harbor. Its elegant appearance and exceptional view of the sea is the most beautiful landmark of Fisherman’s Wharf and the best place for couples to kick back and relax. When the lights are lit at night, the magnificent cross-harbor bridge offers an exquisite night view that serves as the perfect ending to an enriching trip.

Beitou Hot Spring Museum

This museum is housed in public hot spring bath built during the Japanese colonial era. The Tudor-style building has a brick and wood façade and black tile roof set picturesquely in the surrounding greenery. The building had fallen into a deep state of disrepair when local preservationists saved it from demolition. This is a good spot to learn about Beitou's rich hot spring culture and history.


Checking out the old street, eatting some special taiwanese food and dessert (Grandma Lai's Yuyuan) , hiking on the mountain (Mount Jilong, Xiao Jingua Peak), drinking chinese tea(City of Sadness Restaurant), and, of course, a Beautiful Valley View.

Shilin Night Market

The Shilin Night Market is one of the well-organized and most popular night markets. It is separated into two major sections. One sector covers the streets surrounding the traditional Yangming Theatre and stretching to the Chicheng Temple on Danan Rd. The other sector is a centralized food court serving a wide variety of snacks that attract large crowds. At the Shilin Night Market, visitors can shop from store to store and have a large selection of clothes and accessories that they can bargain for reasonable prices. Also a lot of the food vendors from Shilin Night Market are famous for their local flavors and are only available at the Shilin Night Market.Visitors are able to enjoy a wide range of local food, including Sausage Wrapped in Glutinous Rice, Stir-fried Squids, Oyster Omelets, Shilin Super Size Sausages, Ribs Stewed in Chinese Herbal Medicine. Shanghai Bun, Qinwaxiadan, Scallion Pancakes, Paopao Ice, Huge Chicken Cutlet, and many more.

* All activities and tours are accompanied by Penta Stuff.

Student Testimonials

Eric (California):

“It’s really fun, you should come. I’m having a lot of fun. Taiwan’s a great place!”

Alessandra (New Jersey)

“The campus is beautiful, and the teacher is the nicest person I’ve met in my life. It’s been a great experience!”

Peter (Michigan)

“The kids at this camp were very nice. I had a lot of fun and I got to learn a lot of Chinese”

Alexander (Pennsylvania)

“It was really fun; I learned a lot here, a lot of Chinese. Loved working with the kids. Teachers were great and the counselor’s fun to work with and my fellow campers were really cool!”

Anna (Russia)

“I like this camp; I hope you guys will come here too."

Katherine (USA)

“The camp was interesting. The counselors and the kids were great; they were very cute and very nice. Taiwan’s fantastic!”

Youth Cultural Camp Itinerary

*Activities may be changed due to weather or other factors.

*Students will use public transportation during the optional

sightseeing trips and the Taipei day tour, please prepare

coins for the buses and MRT-subway.

Download: [Student Package] [Application Form1] [Application Form2] [Q&A]

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